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Rasva offers you high-powered fat binder that blocks the absorption of fat with no side effects. Only £22.95!


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Rasva® the new fat absorber

The pill that soaks up fat: Lose weight without going hungry, without dieting! The idea is as brilliant as it is simple: have you ever seen overweight fish? Or a mussel weighing a few pounds too many? Of course not! Because their bodies contain the natural anti-fat molecule of Rasva®– which is now being introduced as a brand new fat absorption pill.
Rasva® has been developed with the help of international scientists and is available to you right now. It recognises excess fat in your food and removes it in an ingenious way so that it doesn’t get laid down in fatty layers on your hips, tummy and bottom. Rasva is currently only available online at totalweightloss Buy online today and save £7.49 from the rrp in store.

Q: What is Rasva® ?

Rasva® is the first clinically proven, EU certified medical device for the treatment of excess weight and for weight control, and for the treatment of elevated blood lipid levels. In the stomach, Rasva® binds up to eight times its own weight of fat. The Rasva® molecules bind to the fatty calories in foods such as cake, pizza and fried foods, so that the body cannot store them. As shown in the diagram below, Rasva® recognises excess fatty materials, filtering them out of the food in your stomach and digestive tract, which allows the fat to pass through your system undigested, being bound by the natural active ingredient in Rasva®.


Q: Why will I get slimmer ?

Rasva® recognises fatty things in your food that make you fat - even as you eat them – and binds them before your body can store them away. The amount of fat thus captured is not available for your body to lay down in new fatty deposits. You can carry on eating as usual, you don’t have to put up with a restrictive diet and you could still lose weight! Because you eat as normal, you don’t experience pangs of hunger. Because fat has the highest energy content – and is reduced in the diet, the body draws on available fat reserves (eg. Problem zones: the tummy, hips and bottom) in order to supply its accustomed daily energy needs. A beneficial side-effect: elevated blood fat levels are positively influenced.


Q: Do I have to fast or go hungry ?

On no account – because Rasva® is not like other weight control products or diets: many don’t work because people can’t get to sleep for hunger and raid the fridge in the middle of the night. Rasva®, on the other hand, works without fasting or any feelings of hunger.


Q: What other benefits are there ?

It is especially important to understand that Rasva® molecules do not dissolve dietary fat chemically but bind it in a purely mechanical and natural way. Therefore, there are no dangerous chemical reactions. Bowel motions are stimulated because the excretion of captured fat is increased. And that is exactly the desired effect.


Q: Can You use Rasva in conjunction with any other products to really boost my weight loss ?

At totalweightloss we only ever stock products that we know get results through customer, family and friend recommendations. RASVA works particularly well when combined with maxislim. As we age our natural metabolic rate declines. By taking a thermogenic such as maxislim alongside a fat binding product such as RASVA you will benefit from an efficient, faster acting metabolic rate whilst cutting out much of the fat from your diet, so not only will you be burning off extra calories but you will also be storing less fat around your hips, bum and tummy.

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